March 23, 2013

it's spring | inspired.

the gray house has some landscaping in the front yard that isn't my favorite and the side/back yards are just blank canvases. after leaving hawaii and all the beautiful nature there is to take in, i think we're both inspired to tackle things this spring.

i'm dreaming of lazy afternoons where i soak up sun and read books. picnics in the backyard. growing our own fruits and vegetables. planting trees. bright, blooming flowers. a place where lia can play and let her imagination run wild. a trellis over the patio. twinkling lights. rocking chairs on the front porch. a place to roast hot dogs and marshmallows. i don't have a green thumb, but i am determined to have an outside that is as livable as the inside.

normally i bypass spring while waiting impatiently for summer. but these days i am learning to love what season we are in and to embrace it. and i am excited for spring. 

i've got a growing bucket list in my head. go to the zoo. plant a garden. have an easter egg hunt. fly a kite. have dinner outside. family picnic. farmer market visits. pick daffodils and fresh fruit. 

here's whats inspiring me this month.

LOVE the flowers this sweet little family picked out.

these fun DIY dip-dyed totes.

watercolor nail polish. my nails would love to look this happy.

THIS. this is exactly how the inspiration i need for our backyard.

this post on how to arrange supermarket flower bunches.

don't get mad. get the camera!

tell me, what's inspiring you this spring?

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