March 20, 2013


our flight landed early in the evening on our first day. so the next morning while M handled getting us a rental car, my friend sonia & i gathered the kids and headed to a local beach. this particular beach was the officers beach on the base they are stationed. luckily my handsome guy met us at the beach later on.

i think the excitement of getting out of the house got to us because we packed nothing but a few snacks and an extra diaper or two. we ended up stripping them down to their undies and diapers and let them be free. it reminded me of this post by joanna about naked babies on the beach.

it got a little messy but honestly? the kids were SO happy. they dried off quickly enough and most of the sand just brushed off. typically i am the crazy mom who hates sand getting everywhere. and i pack enough for one beach trip to last weeks. i'm a serious over-packer. but that first morning in hawaii was perfect in the simplest form. 

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