March 21, 2013

a love letter to thursday.

thursday, you may not always get credit for being such a good day. but in my book? you're a favorite.

since i stay home with L all week, i try to keep our days pretty full. we spread errands out. or more likely, i forget something and find myself always running out somewhere. we take lots of trips to the library and have play dates. we do a preschool co-op. we almost always have somewhere to go or something to do. 

which is great at times. but then thursday comes around and i can breathe. we can take our time waking up. i can make our beds and toss in a load of laundry before heading downstairs. i have time to pick up and load the dishwasher. make a breakfast that doesn't consist of granola bars and applesauce pouches on the go. i can blog. we can paint and do puzzles and play outside. 

thursday is a breath of fresh air around here. it has a calmer vibe to it most weeks. we can stay home in our pajamas all day if we please. which is exactly what we're doing today. and we love it.

thursday, you are a dear.

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