March 18, 2013

a little housekeeping.

we're finally back and settling in to our usual routines. sleeping habits are still a mess and so is the laundry situation. but we seriously had an amazing time in hawaii and i came back feeling more inspired than i have in awhile.

i've got lots of moments from our trip to share and plenty of other blog ideas jotted down everywhere but today i wanted to pop in for a little housekeeping.

so,  google reader and GFC are ending this summer. i made the switch to bloglovin about a monthish ago and i love it. my google reader was getting too cluttered and i couldn't delete any feeds. it just wasn't working for me.

even though i don't use it anymore, i know a lot of you are following my blog through GFC. i want you all to stick around so i've added my blog to bloglovin and you can follow us there!

bloglovin has an awesome app too which makes reading blogs on the go that much easier.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

ps. feel free to leave your link here so i can follow you back!


  1. OMG! That picture of Lia...I die! SO cute, SO perfect. I can seriously feel her happiness!

    1. she was such a happy girl the entire trip! i'm already itching to go back :)


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