February 10, 2013


it's sunday night and i am drowning my feelings in a chocolate bar and dr pepper. i'm trying to find some more mama patience and motivation to make it through the new week.

we tackled some painting projects this weekend. and potty training. while the first inspired me to keep making our home "ours", the latter seriously depleted me. i feel like i am losing my sh.t and not being a nice mama at all. i hit an all-time low earlier when i locked all of lia's toys in the guest room because she wouldn't clean up. mother of the year, right?

on a good note, lia's big-girl room is almost done and she used the potty 4 times this weekend!

we've got a lot on our plates this month and the next so i am just trying to keep going regardless of how much i want to scream in a pillow some days.

and since this weekend got really busy, here's the peaks and pits of the week.

the peaks
uh, booking a trip to hawaii. YES!
the hubs nicely buying me lots of chocolate tonight.
some potty training success.
finally painting L's room and rocking chair.

the pits
potty training is the pits.
losing my cool too often.

this week wasn't bad. but my brain needs a breather so i can look at things fresh again. any other mamas feel that way too sometimes?

ps. i'll be back later this week with pictures of l's room.

pps. lia just pooped in the potty! i know that's a little tmi but for me it means that things are looking up.

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