February 21, 2013


we bought tickets to the Yo Gabba Gabba Live show back in december and went this past weekend. i have no idea how we kept the secret from lia so long. which is probably why we threw out so many hints on our way to the show that she kind of guessed who we'd be seeing.

i know some people don't get the show, but we're serious fans around here and i have to say - the show was awesome. it was fun and we jumped and danced and sang. dj lance was for real. and leslie hall showed up for some beats.

lia was a little unsure at first. it's a lot to take in in the first couple minutes. but as soon as foofa showed up, her eyes lit up and she was head over heels. after the show she pretty much demanded that i find more tickets to go again.

we ended the day with dinner and some fro-yo and a quiet drive back home. it's going down as one of my favorite days with my loves.


  1. So fun and so cute! All the pictures are darling!

    1. thank you! we had a blast! it was a bit of a struggle to get some good pictures between being impatient and bad lighting and such, but i am so glad that i was able to capture some moments from our day!


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