February 21, 2013


i always feel weird if i don't pop in between a bunch of pre-written scheduled posts. i guess i feel my voice is detached on those days? and while i needed to do scheduled posts this week to catch up, i still wanted to pop in.

can you believe it's almost the end of February? this year has been really good so far. crazy and busy, but just so good. i keep thinking lately how we have everything we want. we have our dream house that we're slowly making our own. we finally have a big fenced in yard for lia and the dogs to play in.  maverick is really fitting well in with us and the whole poop in the house thing is SO much better now. 

we've had date nights. i've been reading a ton of new books. lia is doing great in preschool and talks about her friends all the time. we booked a trip to hawaii to visit some much-missed friends. we took lia to the yo gabba gabba show and blew her little toddler mind.

other than lia catching a sinus infection and giving it to me, things are normal and good and we're happy. 

and in other news - i am looking for some guest bloggers for the week that we're in hawaii! you can talk about anything really. got good traveling with kid tips?  a fun story or experience to share about hawaii? anything good to say to fill in the quietness while i'm away? it's golden!

just email me at ahappyheartblog(at)gmail(dot)com and we'll get the details figured out.

i would really, really appreciate it!

i'm off to work on a list of books & music to gather up for our hawaii trip then i've got a date with a pile of laundry and a broom.

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