February 1, 2013


this week was a happy one. toddler meltdowns weren't the end of the world, the house stayed pretty clean and we got back to a sort of normal routine. i took these photos at the farmers market yesterday. it was chilly, but so pretty outside.

the peaks
meeting our new neighbor.
lots of good thrifting went down.
fresh strawberries.
reading this book.
new pillows from world market.
my girl picked me a leaf.

the pits
our cabinet guy never showing up for our scheduled appointment.
being a teensy bit jealous our new neighbor has a fence up before us.
a crazy HOA meeting. i guess that is what suburb living is about?

& that's about it.

simple, low-key weeks always make me happy. i'm looking forward to a baby shower this weekend and maybe finally getting around to hanging up some prints that have been lying around in frames almost a month.

ps. i am SO excited for a surprise date that my hubby set up for us tonight. i didn't find out until this morning as i was running out the door for a playdate so i can't wait to see what he's planned!


  1. Love the pictures! Yummy fresh strawberries! That is lame he never showed up!! Have a great weekend.

    1. the strawberries were SO good! i can't wait for strawberry season around here. hope ya'll had a great weekend :)

  2. I just read a sample of that book. It looks really good!
    LOL maybe you should post about that crazy HOA meeting?

    1. oh the book! it is hilarious :) i recommend it!

      but oy, the HOA meeting. that got crazy. like yelling and fighting and being just nasty about things. i am sure it would make for an entertaining read though :)


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