February 7, 2013



i am sitting here. thinking about the hundreds of things i need to do and the hundreds of things i want to do. i crave a balance between this list. a balance that i have never found. i like being a real mom. the kind that doesn't mind having bad moments here and there, the kind that knows life isn't all rose-colored glasses and peonies. the kind of mom that understands that sh.t hits the fan sometimes and thats just the way life rolls.

i am far from perfect and i am fine with that reality. but sometimes i wish i had a little more dose of a put-together-always-on top-of-things mom. i wish i could whiz around and only have one hamper of clothes to worry about and a few perfectly designed organic handmade + wooden toys to step over. 

anyone else feel that way? ha. lately i have been thinking of who i want to be and how i want to parent and take care of our home. i'm slowly changing and figuring things out so i am trying to live purposefully and understand as long as i work for something, i can achieve it. i may never get the balance i want, but knowing what i want is half the battle anyways, right?


 i wish i had a plate of these. i am feeling like i need to bake some asap.

this post is inspiring me.

i'm planning on doing this to our dining room. do black & white stripes make you swoon too?

printing these out for some handmade valentines.

tackling 10 ish loads of laundry, constant sweeping, catching up on pretty little liars & the mindy project, dreaming of a vacation, getting pretty excited about a backyard fence, thinking of dinner ideas, making L's first dentist appointment and tackling some painting projects. on top of whipping this house back into shape. i am pretty sure a tornado swept through here and i just can't take it anymore.

that's what our week has been looking like. it's been a busy one and i'm ready for some down time at home with my loves. down time = painting & staying busy, but if i don't have to get out of my yoga pants then it's a fair trade.

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