February 22, 2013


sometime last year we discovered this tucked away daffodil field. a local farm runs it and they have it open for a short time of the year until all the daffodils have been picked. it's fun to let the kids run around and i never say to fresh flowers.

we went with some of L's preschool friends last week. the kids had more fun playing than picking but we managed to leave with enough to fill a couple mason jars around the house with some cheerful flowers. i think we need to go back soon though!

i love that we live in a place where farmer markers are open year-round and buying local from farms and small shops is encouraged. fresh flowers may be something small but to teach a child about the process is pretty awesome.

the peaks
counting down the days until we leave for hawaii
the yo gabba gabba show
getting a fence installed in the backyard
pizza takeout when i'm feeling crummy
a sweet & simple valentines day
a healthy toddler who had a good 3 year well visit
 a long weekend

the pits
getting sick
lia getting sick
target being crummy about shipping things
all of this chilly weather - call me crazy but i wouldn't mind some warmer days
being really bad with eating habits
we put potty training on the back burner again

and since i missed last week, there was a few extras there.

happy weekending!


  1. It would be really fun to go to that field =)

    Have fun in Hawaii! Lucky you!

    I'm with you on the winter hatred. It snowed again here last night...not fun.

    1. It's our absolute favorite thing once it opens! And we had so much fun in Hawaii, thank you xo!

  2. Flower picking sounds like fun! Hope you have fun in Hawaii.

    1. It is! We're grateful that the little farm exists here :)


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