February 13, 2013

another day, another holiday.

i took these pictures in our front yard this afternoon while the sun was shining for a last-minute valentine's photo shoot with absolutely no thought put into it except "hey we're running out the door while it's sunny and you've got actual clothes on - let me grab the camera!". i basically got sassy toddler meets model toddler. but i just snapped away because she was semi standing still and that's all i can expect these days.

i feel like valentine's snuck up on me. the doily covered mason jars, handmade garland and all things pink, red and sparkly that were supposed to adorn our house never got made. the treats i pinned never got baked. who has time to wrap their heads around a holiday mid-month?

last night i set out craft supplies so L could make some valentines while i threw together a lesson for preschool. and today after school, we ran some errands and mailed off her valentines. while i was making dinner earlier, i threw together some chocolate covered strawberries then ditched the clean-up to blog this while M is giving lia her bath and i have a few minutes to myself. tomorrow i'll pull together some small surprises, mostly to keep the day exciting for lia, but we're keeping it low-key. m has class tomorrow evening so take-out and a movie sounds perfect to me.

i remember the days of hand decorated shoe boxes to collect valentine's in school and balloons and chocolates from my parents. the excitement of a special holiday. but these days if it's quiet and i've got a dr pepper, i'm pretty content.

how about you? do you go all out for love day or do you keep it simple?

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