January 5, 2013


i had an hour to soak in a hot bath tonight and think about what i want to do this year so i hope you all aren't tired of reading these sorts of posts. here's what i came up with.

inspired by this printable, i want to do more of what i love this year

the moments that stick in my head from the past year are all of me doing something i love. reading a really good book (like the hunger games or mindy kalings memoir). teaching myself to knit. riding a bike. spending a day at the beach with my loves. i just don't make time for myself to do those things often. i get wrapped up in housework or the ever growing to-do list. i want that to change.

the "do what you love" print is now hanging in my office to be my reminder each day.

i want to be more balanced.

in life. in my health. be more organized. more patient and kind.
i am tired of feeling like a frazzled woman every day who has nothing put together. i can't do that anymore.

i want to focus on the blog and my business.

i love blogging. and i want to get better at it. i want to document more here. maybe get a facelift and let this space really shine.
and i run a thirty-one business. too many times this year i have compared my success (or lack thereof) to others. too many times have i felt jealous of others. i started the business for me and my family. and that's what i need to focus on. i can only get out what i put in.

and being the list-maker that i am, i wrote a much longer list of specific goals but having 3 main goals keeps things do-able.

here's to 2013 and me actually doing what i say i'll do!


  1. I love that printable and am totally going to do it! It will be on my fridge! This year taught me that I need to start making time for myself!

    1. isn't that such a hard lesson to learn? especially as a mom, some days i feel like there are a million other things i should do than something that makes me happy.


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