January 15, 2013


 we walked the streets of savannah saturday night. it was a warm, light evening. the streets were pretty quiet except for city market. we talked about our dream of packing up one day and moving to the city. a total lifestyle change. one day, maybe. we popped into a small chocolate shop and spent a small fortune. okay, it was like $8, but for two pieces of chocolate, that's a bit crazy for us. we only like what we picked for L. but it was more the sense of adventure. trying something new.

we watched the fountains in the square, kids running through them, laughing and screaming. winter is over here. the days are sunny, bright and warm. it makes me want to deep clean the house, throw the windows open and just enjoy this beautiful life we're creating.

the city inspires me. the people, the sights, the smell. it just resonates with me. i've always had a love affair with new york. it's why i religiously watch "when harry met sally" and "you've got mail". savannah isn't new york. but it's pretty damn close for a girl who's about 12+ hours away from the big apple.

i think we'll pick up our family adventures of spending one weekend a month in savannah. 2013 is all about doing more of what i love. and i love that.

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