January 25, 2013


because the weather is mostly so pretty in the winter, the local farmer's market is open this time of year. lia and i ventured down there yesterday to get some fresh fruits & vegetables and enjoy the warm day.

we may not live near the city anymore and i may wish that we did most days, but this town has earned a sweet spot in my heart. it seriously oozes charm and quaintness sometimes. downtown isn't your typical scene. there are a lot of old trees, moss, cobble-stoned streets. gorgeous houses with wrap-around porches. small locally owned shops and restaurants that are pretty spread out and a lot of art galleries. the people are so down to earth and friendly.

the farmers market sells fresh produce but local eateries and catering places set up booths so really - it's all about the food. they've got the best BBQ in the south. crepes, mexican street corn, homemade chocolates, peanut brittle, lemonade, cookies and fresh homemade pasta. in the summer/fall, they'll have pot stickers, kettle corn, southern down-home cooking, belgian fries and so much more.

yesterday was gorgeous and we came home with fresh pecans, onions + cucumbers, apples + potatoes and of course, we had a chocolate treat. in the summer they have shaved iced and it is AMAZING.

 it was exactly the kind of afternoon i needed after a rough week.

the peaks
making it to the farmers market
getting some pretty scarves in the mail
cleaning & de-cluttering the kitchen.
friday came back around.
finding stripey straws at target.
i think maverick is pretty much house-trained!

the pits
getting news that something not so great is going on with M's job. let's just say i don't have too much good to say about the president or the government right now so i am staying quiet.
 SO. MANY. meltdowns from the toddler.
maverick head butt-ing me and almost breaking my nose.

this wasn't our greatest week. it was hard and i struggled through it. but i am ready for a fresh new weekend and hopefully i can whip the house into shape and work on some projects!


  1. The farmers market looks like such a yummy and gorgeous place to spend an afternoon. I definitely started to drool as you described all the offerings.

    I'm sorry to hear about your week and the recent news with M. I hope this weekend can be a way to reevaluate and restart! Sending you nothing but good wishes xx

    1. oh alyssa - the market is full of such good stuff!


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