January 4, 2013


oh my god. this week has been overwhelming. 

like i've been a toddler wrangling, dog training, poop picker-upper, slight mess who seriously did not shower for 3 days. i probably just embarrassed my husband. and totally grossed him out. THAT was my real life this week. but don't worry, i did finally find time to shower last night. and somehow my hair still looks greasy...

after a massive poop blow out from mav this morning (thanks for that man), i fixed my hair, slapped on a smile & some make up and decided that it's gonna be okay. it has to be. that's the way the world works, right? i'm learning that i can't be perfect and neither can my life. any progress i am making lately is good. my house isn't going to look amazing every day but i am staying on top of the dishes. the laundry looks like freaking mount everest, but i did two loads today so that counts for something. i've got to let go and keep living. i need to do what i can and let the rest roll off of my back.

my week is going to have ups and downs and downright crappy times. that's a given. i'm just gonna embrace the heck out of all of it. so i bring you my new blog series, peaks and pits.

the peaks
+ mumford and sons. enough said.
+ dropping my phone several times and it NOT breaking. 
+ my girl giving me random hugs.
+ maverick not pooping inside! 
+ watching HP & the deathly hallows.
+ chevron tape in the dollar section of target. because no, i am not over that trend yet.

the pits
+ maverick pooping inside!
+ not showering for 3 days...
+ still not finding time to write down my goals for the year.
+ the hubby having to go back to work.
+ running out of paper towels and cleaning up a pee puddle on the floor with an old sheet.

link up in the comments if you want to join in!

 pretty good week even if i feel like a crazed woman who's been losing all patience by 5 PM. here's to next week.

ps. when my hair looks dirty, i just bump it up. it makes it all better, no?

oh, also. one day i will blog about something other than pee or poop. may be a few years though...


  1. I have to giggle. Honestly, we have all had those days/weeks/months... hang in there and the bump looks awesome- will have to try that next time I cant make time for a shower! lol


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