January 18, 2013

peaks and pits.

 ...is the week over yet?

it was my turn to host preschool co-op this week. that's always loud and fun.

i am pretty sure my dog had a moment of insanity this morning as he chewed his $50 bed to pieces. dude, i rescued you from a shelter. show some respect.

i wanted to keel over and die in spin class last night. of course, there were only a handful of people so the instructor would have totally notice if i slacked off or walked out. i go because i know i'm too scared to leave. that's motivation, right?

and my three year old has skipped over the next ten years and is pretty much a teenager these days.  i'm not even sure how to respond to her sometimes, other than saying what the hell kid and walking away. but i try not to take that route. i accidentally taught her to say shit the other day so we should probably avoid learning other bad words.



 the peaks
○ teaching her how to sing you are my sunshine. that song never sounded better.
○ the hubs did something about that laundry pile.
○ popping into shops and exploring savannah.
○ the 80 degree weather we've been having.
○ finding some saltwaters for L at 50% off! 
○ world market finally sent me my back-ordered white baskets. now where do i put them?
○ another spin class where i didn't die. almost. but didn't.
 ○ mumford and sons playing during spin class.
○ some fun target and thrift store finds.
○ maybe possibly finally deciding what to do with L's room.
○ lia trying new foods & helping with the laundry.
 ○ tea party with my girl.

the pits
○ there's only one episode of parenthood left.
○ the cold weather that came back.
○ still sick. it's like a permanent state over here.
○ the hubby hurt his back and has feeling out of it. my poor guy.
 ○ bills. oh why do you never leave me with enough $$ to troll target?

i am so happy the weekend is here again. we should really meet sooner. i am pretty determined to not do any cleaning this time. i am hoping for some thrifiting, working on house projects, a craft? maybe?, or a nap.  sometime creative and inspiring. and fun.

the hubby has to work late tonight so i've got a date with my cozy bed, a book and the TV. they always treat me so well. what are your plans for the weekend?

ps. isn't it always fun when the peaks outweigh the pits of your week?

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