January 11, 2013

peaks and pits.


its time for the weekend again. i swear i showered more this past week.

we tried to get back to a regular routine this week but i got lazy and may have skipped a playdate and let the dishes and laundry pile up. someone has to do something about that pile up. we're crate training maverick. i am smitten with my poop-less floors again. but i hate making him stay in his crate most of the day. and lets be real, with or without poo, they still aren't clean most days.

other than that, our week was pretty ho-hum ordinary.

the peaks
+ lots of good mail days around here.
+ tried our my first spin class this morning.
+ and hey, i didn't die!
+ mama got some new kicks. they are bright orange and were on clearance. bam.
+ i caught up with parenthood this week. and cried.
+ got a pretty new shipment from thirty-one in.
+ all the hugs & kisses my girl is giving out lately.
+ stocking up on new books at the library.
+ the mindy project. does anyone else think that show is beyond funny? i think we can all take some cues from mindy.

the pits
+ these dogs waking L up from her nap. nap was kind of crucial today.
+ having to call leapfrog countless times to get repairs/returns done. and they still aren't done right.
+ not getting to take that bubble bath i've been dreaming about since lunch.
+ forgetting about the farmers market this week.
+ the serious butt pain i have from spin class.
+ the fact that i did shower more this week but haven't actually showered yet since spin class...
+ getting. i'm losing my voice and it sounds like i'm hacking up a lung.

ah you can't win them all. it was a good week. i was lazy and then found motivation. i crossed something off my bucket list. and L may actually be leaving some terrible two-ness behind.

but before i jinx myself, i'm stopping and heading to the shower. happy weekending!


  1. I hope the crate training goes well =) It's hard to keep them clean all the time. My dog is in need of a nice long bath lol. BUT she hates baths so it's always a huge hassle.

    I tried a spin class and liked it. I didn't like that it was only offered at 5:30 AM. I only went to 4 classes and then sleep won over exercise lol.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. ah, the crate training! it's great that he never does his business in his crate. but he stills goes in the house now & then when he's loose for a little bit of time. we'll see :)

      5:30?? yeah, my face wouldn't get seen in that spin class either. these are offered at 9 AM and some evenings. it was fun! challenging, but thats kind of what i need now. i think i'll be going to another one this week.


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