January 1, 2013


so, it's 2013? wow. 

2012 was a good year for us. it was our first full year in south carolina and it was good for our family to start to feel settled after leaving military life & living in three states in 2011. 

we found new friends, visited

old ones, grew up, raised our girl, adopted a dog, found our little niche in our town, spent countless hours at the library, celebrated our little girl turning 3, had lots of family visit, bought our first home, M started college and there were lots of beach days, family outings and fro-yo trips thrown in there.

i spent some time today looking back at our past year and compiled a list of some of our happenings.


+ i embraced the sunshine and palm trees & decided SC wasn't such a bad place to be.
+ there was the time i tossed my keys in the trash can. in the aiport. two hours away...
+ i read lots of good books. like this one & this one.
+ we joined a play group & met some local mama's and little ones.


+ we said goodbye to L's crib.
+ we picked daffodils from a local farm.
+ we celebrated valentines day with lots of heart-shaped balloons.
+ lia fell off the sofa on super bowl sunday forever leaving her front tooth chipped.


+ i embraced lots of little happy things.
+ me and L enjoyed a visit from my mom
+ i saw the hunger games.
+ we started teaching L how to ride her bike
+ we spent some time in NC.
+ i crafted up a rosette wreath.


+ we celebrated M's birthday at the beach.
+ spent an evening in savannah listening to the charlie daniels band.
+ lots of bike rides & being healthier
+ found ourselves hanging out outside tons.
+ dyed eggs and had a happy easter.
+ wrote about motherhood.


+ renamed the blog 'a happy heart'.
+ started building our first home!
+ quoted some awesome things that L had to say.
+ celebrated our fifth year of being married.
+ started selling thirty-one!
+ did a couple guest posts here & here.
+ saw some dolpins at the beach.


+ wrote our summer bucket list.
+ embraced a warm day in the city.
+ celebrated fathers day.
+ had lots of little happy moments.


+ had fun at a childrens museum in charleston.
+ we had our family pictures taken.
+ went to a baseball game.
+ my nephew and M's sister stayed with us!
+ i learned to fishtail braid.
+ we spent time with family in kentucky for my uncle's funeral.
+ taught L to swim!
+ quoted L again.


+ saw lots of construction go on at the new house.
+ L drew a heart.
+ turned boring days into magical ones.
+ read some harry potter.
+ went to a block party.
+ m went back to school to earn his degree.


+ more good things happened at the new house.
+ i obsessed over owls and parenthood.
+ read more harry potter.
+ went on a playdate to see chickens at a local market farm.
+ swooned over all things Fall.
+ found a three-story tree house.
+ felt so very grateful and blessed.


+ went to a couple pumpkin patches.
+ tried out a doggie day camp for toby.
+ went to the state fair.


+ celebrated our first christmas in the gray house.
+ our girl turned three! we celebrated with a pink sprinkle party.
+ we adopted a dog.
+ i started watching parenthood again.
+ we weaned L off of her bobos.
+ made our christmas to-do list.
+ had lots of family visit.
+ took a weekend trip to charlottle sans the kiddo.
+ L stayed with her grandma an entire week. and i survived!
+ rang in the new year with some new friends.

i'm pretty excited about 2013. i've got some new blog series in mind, a list of goals & resolutions and some changes i hope to make!


  1. I LOVE all your pictures! Can't wait to see what 2013 brings, right?!?!


    1. thank you ♥

      i am SO excited to see what 2013 brings. some good changes, i hope!

  2. I absolutely LOVE her little face. She is the perfect mixture of mommy and daddy!

    1. she is, isn't she? it's crazy how kids get their looks!


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