January 17, 2013

mamma mia.

sometimes i like to pour my heart out about motherhood. because i love my kid. and what's more fun than telling you all that, right?
i am SO crazy grateful than ever to be a mama. nothing big happenend. nothing extravagant.  nothing out of the ordinary. my girl wanted me to hold her during lunch. and instead of asking her yet again to please finish her lunch, i let her climb up and i snuggled her close. i told her how happy she makes me, gave her a kiss and then she asked me to sing the happy sun song. you know, you are my sunshine.
and in that simple moment, it all hit me. for the rest of my life, i get to be lia's mom. seriously, how freaking awesome is that?
i love my kid like crazy.
our days are ordinary, simple, sometimes mundane. they are full of peanut butter sandwiches, crayons and chalk dust, trips to the library, countless pieces of art, play dates, books, sticky kisses and running noses, loud cartoons and happy squeals. then we have dinner, struggle through a bedtime routine and start over the next day.
some days we have outings or errands or special treats. but most days, it's just ordinary. and that's pretty okay with me.

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  1. Um hello! How did you find me? Because you, and this, is adorable. Have a happy night :)


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