January 30, 2013


here's the first installment of our new home tour. we've been living here 2 months and we're pretty settled in. we've got a few things to hang, some painting we want to do and the garage is a mess - but it kind of feels like we've been living here forever. 

from living in so many houses between three states the past few years, we've learned to unpack quickly and make a house our "home". that, and blank walls really freak me out. 

so here's the room that i think has got the most work done. it's my office/an art nook for L.

originally, i had a vision for white shelves on the walls, filled with important papers in pretty boxes and little knick knacks that express me. plus a BIG comfy arm chair in the corner where i could cuddle up with a book under my twinkling lights. but then reality hit - is my three year old ever gonna let me snuggle up peacefully with a book? probably not. will she be all up in my business while i'm trying to work? most likely.

i dreamed up a little art nook for our girl and it's pretty much done. i need to get M to hang up a small rack for her smocks and she is set. she creates while i work. i create while she works.


as far as the rest of the room, it's pretty close to being done too. i need to organize the desk drawer and the black storage piece. i really want to paint. but i've no idea what color and we're waiting until we've lived here a year and handled all the warranty items (like nail pops and settling cracks) first.



i've got this great mail sorter to hold all of my thirty-one forms & catalogs.


pretty artwork that inspires me.


and my twinkling lights.

it's small but it's the perfect little nook in the house to write, pay bills and browse pinterest.

i've been struggling lately with a desire to have all things simple. i only want what we truly love and use in our home.

the office may not stay exactly this way forever, but it's a pretty good start. each house we live in, i learn a little more about our style and what works for us. then i try my best to take the images i have in my head and make them real.

its a little weird since this is going to be a house we live in longer than 2 or 3 years. most people are used to be settled, but for us - it's something we're learning.


  1. Okay, I need your office space and those wood colored pencils. Please and thank you! :)

    1. well i can't exactly mail you my office space ;) but i found the wood colored pencils at world market!

  2. I love the wicker chair and that owl =)
    You made a really cute and efficient space!

    1. thank you!! i swooned over the chair the second i saw it at ikea. luckily it was in the AS-IS section and had a happy little price tag :)

  3. What a perfect office space! The art nook is too cute as well! I love how close everything is.

  4. it's so nice to have everything in reach! in our last house the printer was in a closet and was so annoying to get to.

    and its nice having lia by my side so much :)


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