January 16, 2013


watching // the mindy project. she is hil-ar-ious. and so quirky. i love her so much i had to put her memoir on hold at the library. again.
doing // currently, sitting on the sofa trying to zen out with the my windows open. it's seriously a gorgeous day out. but my sticky toddler isn't feeling the "zen". in general - i'm trying to follow my resolutions by doing more of what i love (blogging, reading, decorating our house) and hitting the gym.
loving // this weather. i don't know how i'll feel when summer rolls around, but for now? sunshine, warm days and cool breezes are what's happenin. we even have "winter" hours at the local farmer's market. fresh fruits + vegetables in january? yes, please!
excited about // taking L to Yo Gabba Gabba live next month. we're keeping it a suprise but she is going to FREAK when we get there. my mama heart can't wait.
making me happy // dreaming about the plans i have for our house. we moved a lot. we've had quite a few houses and i always felt like i needed to make them as homey as i could as soon as i could. i never stopped to think about what i really liked or what really expressed us as a family. this time is different. i'm trying to take my time and be sure what i bring into the house is something i truly love. i want our house to express us, even in the tiniest details. i've got big dreams, guys.
reading // good enough to eat by stacey ballis. i'm not too far into it yet so can't really say how it is. but i've got a goal to read 24 new books this year so i'm starting with this one.


we're halfway through the week! i'm excited for some time with my lovely loves this weekend. and i promised a little girl we'd have a real tea party this afteroon. cupcakes, "tea" (water!) in her play teapot and cups, the whole shebang. what are you currently up to?

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