January 31, 2013

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my spunky, sweet daughter,

these days it's hard to get you to stay still. you want to jump, dance, twirl and move.

you are full of engery and spunk. creativity and kindness. you're also pretty sassy and can throw one hell of a tantrum.

sometimes my heart feels like it's going to burst because i love you THAT much.

you are mine and i am yours. forever & ever.

outfit details
cardigan | target, thrifted
top | baby gap, thrifted
pants & shoes | old navy
necklace | lisa leonard, borrowed from me

ps. she was trying to show me how old she is up there. she just threw in an extra year for good measure.

pps. the last picture is her penguin waddle. if you follow us on vine (kristy villa), you can see it in action.

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January 30, 2013

here's the first installment of our new home tour. we've been living here 2 months and we're pretty settled in. we've got a few things to hang, some painting we want to do and the garage is a mess - but it kind of feels like we've been living here forever. 

from living in so many houses between three states the past few years, we've learned to unpack quickly and make a house our "home". that, and blank walls really freak me out. 

so here's the room that i think has got the most work done. it's my office/an art nook for L.

originally, i had a vision for white shelves on the walls, filled with important papers in pretty boxes and little knick knacks that express me. plus a BIG comfy arm chair in the corner where i could cuddle up with a book under my twinkling lights. but then reality hit - is my three year old ever gonna let me snuggle up peacefully with a book? probably not. will she be all up in my business while i'm trying to work? most likely.

i dreamed up a little art nook for our girl and it's pretty much done. i need to get M to hang up a small rack for her smocks and she is set. she creates while i work. i create while she works.


as far as the rest of the room, it's pretty close to being done too. i need to organize the desk drawer and the black storage piece. i really want to paint. but i've no idea what color and we're waiting until we've lived here a year and handled all the warranty items (like nail pops and settling cracks) first.



i've got this great mail sorter to hold all of my thirty-one forms & catalogs.


pretty artwork that inspires me.


and my twinkling lights.

it's small but it's the perfect little nook in the house to write, pay bills and browse pinterest.

i've been struggling lately with a desire to have all things simple. i only want what we truly love and use in our home.

the office may not stay exactly this way forever, but it's a pretty good start. each house we live in, i learn a little more about our style and what works for us. then i try my best to take the images i have in my head and make them real.

its a little weird since this is going to be a house we live in longer than 2 or 3 years. most people are used to be settled, but for us - it's something we're learning.
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January 29, 2013

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"a portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013."

looking like such a grown girl these days, even in this grainy iPhone picture.

we're linking up with some other mamas here.

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January 25, 2013

because the weather is mostly so pretty in the winter, the local farmer's market is open this time of year. lia and i ventured down there yesterday to get some fresh fruits & vegetables and enjoy the warm day.

we may not live near the city anymore and i may wish that we did most days, but this town has earned a sweet spot in my heart. it seriously oozes charm and quaintness sometimes. downtown isn't your typical scene. there are a lot of old trees, moss, cobble-stoned streets. gorgeous houses with wrap-around porches. small locally owned shops and restaurants that are pretty spread out and a lot of art galleries. the people are so down to earth and friendly.

the farmers market sells fresh produce but local eateries and catering places set up booths so really - it's all about the food. they've got the best BBQ in the south. crepes, mexican street corn, homemade chocolates, peanut brittle, lemonade, cookies and fresh homemade pasta. in the summer/fall, they'll have pot stickers, kettle corn, southern down-home cooking, belgian fries and so much more.

yesterday was gorgeous and we came home with fresh pecans, onions + cucumbers, apples + potatoes and of course, we had a chocolate treat. in the summer they have shaved iced and it is AMAZING.

 it was exactly the kind of afternoon i needed after a rough week.

the peaks
making it to the farmers market
getting some pretty scarves in the mail
cleaning & de-cluttering the kitchen.
friday came back around.
finding stripey straws at target.
i think maverick is pretty much house-trained!

the pits
getting news that something not so great is going on with M's job. let's just say i don't have too much good to say about the president or the government right now so i am staying quiet.
 SO. MANY. meltdowns from the toddler.
maverick head butt-ing me and almost breaking my nose.

this wasn't our greatest week. it was hard and i struggled through it. but i am ready for a fresh new weekend and hopefully i can whip the house into shape and work on some projects!

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January 24, 2013


i never got around to posting it but the weekend before last we finalized maverick's adoption.

he said his last goodbyes to the shelter and everyone who took care of him then we took the dogs to the treat bar at petco and we celebrated with some frozen yogurt.

this big guy is ours now.

he head butts. and his skull is hard. he has so much energy that he bucks around like a bull. he pretty much takes up the entire sofa. he likes to step on people's feet with his big paws. he is still eating us out of the house. and he is doing better with the house training. not perfect, but we only had 2 accidents this weekend.

he and tobes aren't best friends yet but they are getting there. i caught them snuggling together yesterday.

it's quite the adventure.

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the lia files | what she wore.

January 23, 2013

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yesterday was for running errands, paying the mortage, grabbing lunch through the drive-thru, storytime at the library and a stop at the new cupcake truck in town.

i finally got around to washing L's laundry, but none of it is folded or put away. lately i've just been grabbing whatever pieces i can find and putting an outfit of sorts together.

our favorite cashier at target said she looked like a harajuku doll. we just like to mix our colors and patterns. i'm a firm believer that toddler clothes should be fun. and considering my clothes aren't this awesome - one of us has to look good.

top | baby gap
skirt | target
tights | gymboree, thrifted
boots | old navy

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January 22, 2013

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"a portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013."

using her personal jungle gym while watching curious george. toddlerhood is just as curious as that little monkey.

we're linking up over here, if you want to join in.
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peaks and pits.

January 18, 2013

No comments the week over yet?

it was my turn to host preschool co-op this week. that's always loud and fun.

i am pretty sure my dog had a moment of insanity this morning as he chewed his $50 bed to pieces. dude, i rescued you from a shelter. show some respect.

i wanted to keel over and die in spin class last night. of course, there were only a handful of people so the instructor would have totally notice if i slacked off or walked out. i go because i know i'm too scared to leave. that's motivation, right?

and my three year old has skipped over the next ten years and is pretty much a teenager these days.  i'm not even sure how to respond to her sometimes, other than saying what the hell kid and walking away. but i try not to take that route. i accidentally taught her to say shit the other day so we should probably avoid learning other bad words.



 the peaks
○ teaching her how to sing you are my sunshine. that song never sounded better.
○ the hubs did something about that laundry pile.
○ popping into shops and exploring savannah.
○ the 80 degree weather we've been having.
○ finding some saltwaters for L at 50% off! 
○ world market finally sent me my back-ordered white baskets. now where do i put them?
○ another spin class where i didn't die. almost. but didn't.
 ○ mumford and sons playing during spin class.
○ some fun target and thrift store finds.
○ maybe possibly finally deciding what to do with L's room.
○ lia trying new foods & helping with the laundry.
 ○ tea party with my girl.

the pits
○ there's only one episode of parenthood left.
○ the cold weather that came back.
○ still sick. it's like a permanent state over here.
○ the hubby hurt his back and has feeling out of it. my poor guy.
 ○ bills. oh why do you never leave me with enough $$ to troll target?

i am so happy the weekend is here again. we should really meet sooner. i am pretty determined to not do any cleaning this time. i am hoping for some thrifiting, working on house projects, a craft? maybe?, or a nap.  sometime creative and inspiring. and fun.

the hubby has to work late tonight so i've got a date with my cozy bed, a book and the TV. they always treat me so well. what are your plans for the weekend?

ps. isn't it always fun when the peaks outweigh the pits of your week?

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mamma mia.

January 17, 2013

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sometimes i like to pour my heart out about motherhood. because i love my kid. and what's more fun than telling you all that, right?
i am SO crazy grateful than ever to be a mama. nothing big happenend. nothing extravagant.  nothing out of the ordinary. my girl wanted me to hold her during lunch. and instead of asking her yet again to please finish her lunch, i let her climb up and i snuggled her close. i told her how happy she makes me, gave her a kiss and then she asked me to sing the happy sun song. you know, you are my sunshine.
and in that simple moment, it all hit me. for the rest of my life, i get to be lia's mom. seriously, how freaking awesome is that?
i love my kid like crazy.
our days are ordinary, simple, sometimes mundane. they are full of peanut butter sandwiches, crayons and chalk dust, trips to the library, countless pieces of art, play dates, books, sticky kisses and running noses, loud cartoons and happy squeals. then we have dinner, struggle through a bedtime routine and start over the next day.
some days we have outings or errands or special treats. but most days, it's just ordinary. and that's pretty okay with me.

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January 16, 2013

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watching // the mindy project. she is hil-ar-ious. and so quirky. i love her so much i had to put her memoir on hold at the library. again.
doing // currently, sitting on the sofa trying to zen out with the my windows open. it's seriously a gorgeous day out. but my sticky toddler isn't feeling the "zen". in general - i'm trying to follow my resolutions by doing more of what i love (blogging, reading, decorating our house) and hitting the gym.
loving // this weather. i don't know how i'll feel when summer rolls around, but for now? sunshine, warm days and cool breezes are what's happenin. we even have "winter" hours at the local farmer's market. fresh fruits + vegetables in january? yes, please!
excited about // taking L to Yo Gabba Gabba live next month. we're keeping it a suprise but she is going to FREAK when we get there. my mama heart can't wait.
making me happy // dreaming about the plans i have for our house. we moved a lot. we've had quite a few houses and i always felt like i needed to make them as homey as i could as soon as i could. i never stopped to think about what i really liked or what really expressed us as a family. this time is different. i'm trying to take my time and be sure what i bring into the house is something i truly love. i want our house to express us, even in the tiniest details. i've got big dreams, guys.
reading // good enough to eat by stacey ballis. i'm not too far into it yet so can't really say how it is. but i've got a goal to read 24 new books this year so i'm starting with this one.


we're halfway through the week! i'm excited for some time with my lovely loves this weekend. and i promised a little girl we'd have a real tea party this afteroon. cupcakes, "tea" (water!) in her play teapot and cups, the whole shebang. what are you currently up to?
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January 15, 2013

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 we walked the streets of savannah saturday night. it was a warm, light evening. the streets were pretty quiet except for city market. we talked about our dream of packing up one day and moving to the city. a total lifestyle change. one day, maybe. we popped into a small chocolate shop and spent a small fortune. okay, it was like $8, but for two pieces of chocolate, that's a bit crazy for us. we only like what we picked for L. but it was more the sense of adventure. trying something new.

we watched the fountains in the square, kids running through them, laughing and screaming. winter is over here. the days are sunny, bright and warm. it makes me want to deep clean the house, throw the windows open and just enjoy this beautiful life we're creating.

the city inspires me. the people, the sights, the smell. it just resonates with me. i've always had a love affair with new york. it's why i religiously watch "when harry met sally" and "you've got mail". savannah isn't new york. but it's pretty damn close for a girl who's about 12+ hours away from the big apple.

i think we'll pick up our family adventures of spending one weekend a month in savannah. 2013 is all about doing more of what i love. and i love that.

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January 14, 2013

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"a portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013."

twirling her hair, watching kids run through the fountains.
we headed to downtown savannah on saturday to explore some shops, get our taste of city life and grab dinner. it was a perfect family adventure. and i am pretty sure that winter is no more in south carolina.
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peaks and pits.

January 11, 2013


its time for the weekend again. i swear i showered more this past week.

we tried to get back to a regular routine this week but i got lazy and may have skipped a playdate and let the dishes and laundry pile up. someone has to do something about that pile up. we're crate training maverick. i am smitten with my poop-less floors again. but i hate making him stay in his crate most of the day. and lets be real, with or without poo, they still aren't clean most days.

other than that, our week was pretty ho-hum ordinary.

the peaks
+ lots of good mail days around here.
+ tried our my first spin class this morning.
+ and hey, i didn't die!
+ mama got some new kicks. they are bright orange and were on clearance. bam.
+ i caught up with parenthood this week. and cried.
+ got a pretty new shipment from thirty-one in.
+ all the hugs & kisses my girl is giving out lately.
+ stocking up on new books at the library.
+ the mindy project. does anyone else think that show is beyond funny? i think we can all take some cues from mindy.

the pits
+ these dogs waking L up from her nap. nap was kind of crucial today.
+ having to call leapfrog countless times to get repairs/returns done. and they still aren't done right.
+ not getting to take that bubble bath i've been dreaming about since lunch.
+ forgetting about the farmers market this week.
+ the serious butt pain i have from spin class.
+ the fact that i did shower more this week but haven't actually showered yet since spin class...
+ getting. i'm losing my voice and it sounds like i'm hacking up a lung.

ah you can't win them all. it was a good week. i was lazy and then found motivation. i crossed something off my bucket list. and L may actually be leaving some terrible two-ness behind.

but before i jinx myself, i'm stopping and heading to the shower. happy weekending!

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