December 27, 2012


we've been thinking about adding another dog to our family. a bigger one who wants to play a little more than our dachshund. he kind of does what he wants, when he wants. and we love him the way he is! we just wanted to expand the family a little. and, maybe lia won't bug toby as much??

i found this handsome guy online by accident while i was looking for a shelter to donate some old towels. and it was love at first sight. i just couldn't get him out of my head. so M and i chatted and decided to start the process. almost a week later, here he is!

and we are in lurve. this big guy is SO sweet. he's got some killer long legs and he's pretty energetic. i'm also sure he is going to eat us out of the house. but he's great. 

we adopted him from a local dog rescue haven that rescued him from a kill shelter when he was a puppy. all we know is he's a great dane/lab mix, about a year old and around 70lbs. oh, and his name is maverick.

the rest we'll figure out on this new adventure! 

we've got family coming in this weekend for l's birthday. she'll be 3 on saturday!! the house will be full and extra dogs will be here too so things are gonna get crazy. it'll be quiet on the blog front while family is in town. but then get ready for some serious posting, some changes and a resolution or two!

happy new year! we'll be ringing it in together with several pounds of dog hair and some extra slobber. hope yours is just as awesome!


  1. What a CUTIE! :) I'm so glad there are people out there like you to give him such a loving home! :) Enjoy every minute with him :)

    And I can't believe your little one will be 3! Oh my goodness! :)

  2. thank you! he is a little extra work but so far he's fitting into our family pretty good :)

    i can't believe she is 3 either! it is just crazy!!


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