December 12, 2012

stepping back.


i want to write. my brain is running a thousand miles a minute and crammed full of to-do lists, christmas plans, birthday party ideas for a soon to be three year old, parenting woes and everything else. 

but the words fail me. i sit and i stare at the screen, hoping to find a way to get the words flowing from my brain to to the keyboard. and i come up with nothing. 
i don't mean to take a little break from the blog. i don't mean to disappear when i should be posting holiday hoopla. but i think it's what needs to happen. i'm going to step away and not worry that the blog is collecting some cobwebs. and hopefully i'll be back really soon to dust them off.
but between making our new house a home, planning for the holidays & l's birthday, expecting guests at the end of the year, dealing with day-to-day things, trying to find my bearings with my thirty-one business and attempting to keep some patience with my toddler who has now started screaming at me. in defiance. whenever she feels like it.
i am so happy & blessed & thankful for my life. but it's overwhelming, just a bit.
happy december-ing to all of you! until next time...

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes we need a break and I think you deserve one! I hope you are enjoying your holidays, family time and your new {beauty-full} house!!


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