December 4, 2012

oh, hi.

where to start? it's been so long and SO much has been going on.

i guess i'll start with telling you that i am not looking forward to an empty nest. L is spending the week with her grandparents and all of my sisters and brother and nephews in NC. she's only been gone since sunday afternoon and i miss her like crazy. the house is QUIET! like, so quiet i am actually getting stuff done. fun stuff. and boring stuff. and stuff that HAS to get done. i appreciate the help and can't lie about being totally happy to sleep in. also: date night, watching movies with the hubs, cooking dinner with the hubs. it's nice to reconnect with him. 
BUT i miss my girl.
we're going on three weeks of living in the gray house. i'm totally in love. the windows. the hard wood floors. the leaves in the backyard. the black front door which is the perfect backdrop for some handmade wreath love. slowly but surely, we're filling it up with memories and love and favorite items.

i *think* all of the boxes have been unpacked and we're down to decor and frames and stuff. i plan on tackling the cleaning tomorrow. pretty big feat since this house is double the size of the last house. i also want to tackle wrapping christmas presents and any other little tasks i'm currently forgetting while the babe is away.

the hubs & i have a date tomorrow night. for one night only, the local movie theater is playing a christmas story. which is pretty much awesome. and this weekend, we'll be hitting up ikea for another shopping spree before we pick up L. we're gonna finally get the rest of the furniture we need and hopefully that'll help get the house finished.

good times.

now i'm off to snuggle up on the sofa with a cozy blanket and watch some tv while i wait for the hubs to get home from class.

here's a peak at our 'lately'...


have a great week!

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  1. I love the stand under the mirror! I'm glad you guys are settling in =)


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