December 24, 2012

merry christmas!

it's christmas eve. i can't believe it's christmas eve. we have been scrambling around all day cleaning, putting up blinds and getting the house ready for the holidays!
it's been a busy, busy day. but as i type this, sitting in my cozy new office with twinkling lights, i know how blessed i am. for my amazing husband who stays up late (and all day too) putting together toys and furniture. for my baby girl who lights up my world. just a few christmas eve's ago, i was mourning the loss of our first pregnancy. and as i sat reading L a few christmas books before bed, i realized how truly lucky and happy i am. 
now the stockings are full, the gifts are under the tree and santa's milk & cookies have been left on the front porch. someone is a little scared of the big guy in red coming in our house tonight so we left cookies on the porch and made sure santa knew to leave the presents there too and mommy & papi would handle the rest. then our little girl was happy.
christmas, we're ready!
merry christmas from my family to yours.

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