December 17, 2012


i am a to-do list lover. i need to write everything down or my world just may come crumbling down around me. really. and holidays earn their own kinds of lists.

our christmas to-do list
+ bake some yummy homemade treats & share them!
+ watch tons of christmas movies. the santa clause, home alone and a christmas story are classics and must be watched every year. 
+ visit santa claus.
+ take a drive & see christmas lights.
+ hang up lights on the house.
+ send christmas cards.
+ trim the tree.
 + hang the stockings.
+ watch the town's christmas parade.
+ make a festive wreath for the front door.
+ wrap the presents.
+ make a gingerbread house. 
+ leave milk and cookies for santa. 
we've already crossed off quite a few of these items. but i still don't feel ready for the holidays. i can't wrap my head around the idea that christmas is next week!

1 comment:

  1. I also love lists lol. I love making them and then crossing things off. I can't believe it's next week either! I need to start packing because we leave for Louisiana on Friday!!!!


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