December 20, 2012


watching | i am loving parenthood lately. i'm trying to catch up on the current season through hulu. the show is just so relatable and cozy, if that makes sense.
thinking about | fresh starts in the new year. life has just been so go, go, go the past few months. i've let things slipped, i've gotten unhealthy and i am just not taking the approach on certain things that i want to take. trying to just figure things out, you know?
listening to | L repeating all the words on the episode of mickey mouse clubhouse she is watching. it's just us girls tonight and we needed some quiet down time.
excited about | the possibility of adopting a dog. we're just starting to think about looking at local shelters but i did find a very adorable guy that i just can't get out of my head.
reading | bitter is the new black by jen lancaster and gretchen rubin's happier at home.
one is funny, the other inspiring. both are exactly what i need right now.
loving | my girl. i feel like a change is coming. we still have our bad days ridden with attitudes and tantrums, but there's been some really good things going on. she's been more loving and generally happier lately. and she blows my mind every day with how smart she is and how much her vocabulary is expanding.
inspiration for this currently post from danielle.


  1. I love that picture of Lia SO much! I caught a bit of Parenthood since it comes on after The New Normal and I found it to be so good! I think I will catch up in the next few days.

    When I did Weight Watchers a million years ago, one thing that always stuck with me was "Don't let a slip become a slide." Don't give up Kristy! On anything. You're an amazing mamma, wife, friend, PERSON! Never forget that.

  2. it's one of my favorites too! she wasn't feeling great and was extra snuggly ♥

    parenthood is SO good. it had me in tears last night. just a few episodes to go & i'll be caught up!

    and thank you! you are such a source of inspiration for me. you are SO kind and always there to dose out some good advice when needed. i'm just sticking with everything the best i can :)

  3. I agree parenthood makes me feel cozy... I def can't explain it...

    And i've heard good things about the jen lancaster books, I need to read one.


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