November 27, 2012

we're still around.


hi! i'm here. and only sort of drowning under life and it's craziness.

we've been in the gray house for a week now. we just got internet today. most things are unpacked but it seems that throwing normal, crazy, everyday life on top of moving is just a bit crazyier.

normally when we move, we move far away. and we start all over. no play dates, no preschool lessons to prep, no books at the library waiting on me to pick them up. this time? it's different. it's weird to adjust to a new house when the life we've become accustomed to this past year keeps flying by and expecting us to keep up.

christmas will be here before we know it and i feel like time is slipping through my hands. but it'll get done. it always does.

anyways, i just wanted to pop in and let you all know we're well, we're happy, we're stressed but feeling blessed.

today we got one of l's christmas gifts in the mail. 
l: what's that mami?
me: it's one of your christmas presents.
l: eyes light up and she hugs the box. oh, i love christmas!
kid learns fast.

happy week to you all!

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  1. Well, N pulled one of her Christmas gifts out of the secret box I have in my closet. When I told her what it was, she said "OH! Thank you, Mama!" and ran into her room with it. *sigh*


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