November 1, 2012


another halloween has passed. seriously, where the h is the time going?


so this was our 3rd homemade halloween! i didn't actually make anything for her costume this year, except draw on her freckles! but it was all handmade from a friend or pulled from her closet. 

she did SO good this year. she totally got it and walked right up to the doors, said trick or treat, took her candy like and boss and said thank you in that adorable way she does and went to the next house.

we had some whiny moments and times where she just wanted us to carry her house from house but she is 2 and those are expected pretty much every 10 minutes or so in this house.

but it was so much FUN!! seeing her face light up at decorations and treats. she was so excited about all of it!

afterwards we hit up target, just because we do that. and then we got pizza. i pretty much crave pizza every day. it's so bad... and then we all slept hard. yesterday was a BUSY day.



l - little reding riding hood
m - a yankee player
me - a nerd
toby - a lobster, for about 10 minutes

i seriously pulled together mine & m's costume in about 5 minutes before he got home from work. we weren't going to dress up but we've always dressed up with L and i didn't want to regret it. besides, it didn't cost us anything!

but it night make me a little nerdy that i had all the pieces for a nerd costume in my closet, and most of them are things i actually use...

and today is the start of my favorite month! and the month we move. and the month the last twilight movie comes out in theatres. that may have been marked on my calendar for months now. i've been cleaning up the house, doing laundry & dishes, eating halloween candy. today is the last day our house will look normal. time to start packing and get ready for our next adventure. 

november, you are going to rock.

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  1. Awww I love Toby's costume! I'm a sucker for dressed up doggies lol.
    My dog refuses to let me dress her. She thrashes around and cries until either she gets the outfit off or I take it off.


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