November 16, 2012


today is the last friday i'll be sitting in this spot to blog. come monday, ALL will change. 

hello new house.

hello new adventures!

hello crazy moving stuff. almost every time we've moved, something has happened. something goes wrong with the moving truck. we get a flat tire. they gave us the wrong house. we rented the wrong size moving truck.

yet we still continue to move places? call me crazy, maybe.
we ventured out for a playdate at the pet store this morning. little miss has a cold but was feeling a bit better earlier. she's snotty, sniffly and varies between running around the house like normal & laying on the sofa feeling crummy. then we stocked up all on snotty-nose remedies at target. because when you are moving & pack up all those necessities - OF COURSE your kid is going to get a cold.

so we're wiping boogies with grape-scented wipes, snuggling on the sofa watching toy story and this mama has painted our nails the perfect shade of navy while planning a preschool lesson plan and dreaming up a fabulous playroom. 

lots of packing will go down this weekend! we close on monday and start moving in. to say we are excited is an understatement. i've been dreaming and scheming up this day for months.

got any fun plans for the weekend?

i don't know when i'll be back on the blog - but you can keep up with us on twitter & instagram!

until then...

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