November 7, 2012

back to normal.

the election is over. yay! now we can all go back to worrying about the important things. like did i take my photo of the day yet. or who's the next host on saturday night live. it's anne hathaway, if you didn't know. or talking about my new polka dot jeans.

those are the important things in life, right? kidding. sort of. i love that i have the civil duty and right to vote. and i will vote every year that i can. but people are just getting out of hand with this latest election. i had my vote and that's it. i'll give respect to our president whether he/she gets my vote or not. i'd much rather focus on diasters instead of bashing the candidates or people's voting choices. like the world market doesn't carry the owl cookie jar anymore(!!). or bigger things like the mortgage company all up in our business because we're buying a house. 

so i say we all love one another and respect that everyone is different and we all see things differently. let's just be nice.

 now that i got all of that out. and showed off my super cute kiddo. i'm going back to my peanut butter m&ms, laundry and being super giddly excited about the fact that in 11 days and some hours & minutes, we'll be closing on our new house! 

hello gorgeous wood floors.

our dreams are going to come true in this house. i can feel it.

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