November 2, 2012

a quiet friday night.

most nights are quiet around here, but especially fridays. m is still working hard at both jobs and school so fridays are usually really long days for us.

just me and my gal most fridays, and the most exciting thing to happen is usually what book we are gonna read that night. tonight i read the little one mrs. mcnosh hangs up her wash and mama is reading bright lights, big ass. it's pretty hilarious and brightens up most of my evenings these days. so much that i am adding all of the authors books to my online cart at the local library. LOVE our public library.
it's funny how growing up changes you. you don't realize it until one night it dawns on you that your idea of a fun friday night is putting on your comfiest (and usually ugliest) sweats, crawling into bed with a glass of sweet tea and a big book. and you only stay up late on saturday nights to catch the newest episode of SNL. and that's totally cool. life is pretty perfect right now. 

today was packed with grocery shopping (hello 50% off halloween snacks at target) and packing. i'm pretty good at packing by now. i've packed up about 5 times now, i think. so it's not really something i dread or dislike, it's just something that has to get done. i started yesterday and i've packed about 8-10 boxes. the house feels pretty lonely and empty without pictures on the walls and artwork on the fridge. lifeless, i guess.

but we're down to 16 days! 16 days and we'll be homeowners. finding new places for pictures and making new memories in the gray house. it's all still a bit surreal. even with moving boxes and packing tape everywhere. 

hope you all are having a good friday night. i'm still heartbroken for all of the families affected by hurricane sandy. thankfully, m's family are all okay in NY. my friends there seem to be okay too. but many, many people aren't. so donate, volunteer, give money to a charity helping the cause. or at least pray. it's crazy to me that we lived in long island for 3 years and the only real storms we ever saw were blizzards. and we moved to the south, more known for hurricanes and we weren't affected at all by hurricane sandy down here. it's so weird the way life works sometimes. new york is always near and dear to my heart so i keep praying for everyone affected.

now i'm off to curl up in bed with my book and wait for my honey to get home. we're having another yard sale in the morning. so here's hoping i finally sell off the rest of our extra stuff so our move is just that much easier.

good night!

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