November 9, 2012


 just a bit of advice i am trying to keep in mind for the gray house.

happy friday night! m has had a few extra days off work this week so we've been packing and getting ready for the move. we're down to 9 days! i've been taking it easy, or trying to. i put my back out again and doing pretty much anything hurts. i'm feeling better now, but not as good as i hoped.

we love spanish food around here. here's some of our current favorites. 1 | 2

lately, i've been really into wanting to knit again. this tutorial taught me most of what i know!

a DIY thanksgiving banner. i think this needs to find a home on our new mantle!

pretty sure L would love to have this.

we just ordered our christmas cards tonight! use code holidaycheer on tinyprints to score 10 free christmas cards. offer expires 11/13/12.

another easy DIY garland.

ryan gosling reads some of the 'hey girl' posts here and here.

crushing on these knitted goodies. i wish i knew how to knit that well. 1 | 2 | 3

i'm off to clean up the kitchen and head to bed. it's early but i'm beat and we have a long day of packing ahead of us.

happy weekending!


  1. Pinned almost all of this. Thanks, love!

  2. I love that quote! I need to use that in my life! I really need to do some purging of unnecessary things...


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