November 6, 2012

a house tour | our first south carolina home.

we have moved SO many times. we've lived in 5 houses in our 5 year marriage. l-bug has lived in 4 of them. FOUR houses! that's a lot for an almost 3 year old.

and every time we move out, i feel like i could never ever forget a detail about that house. but every time a year passes, those unforgettable details just start to fade away.

since our current house was our first home in SC. it's where we learned to function as a family of 3, without living near or with other family members. it's where we learned to become a civilian family and settle into a new state without help from the marine corp. it's the house lia has the most chance of remembering. 

a few days ago before all the packing commenced, i went around and took pictures of the house the way it was. after doing some serious cleaning up. but on a typical, clean day in october/november, this is what our home looks like.

it's bittersweet looking at these photos because now? it doesn't look anything like that. all of our memories and treasures are packed away. there are moving boxes everywhere. and the kitchen is a hot mess. not to mention the 6ish loads of laundry waiting to be folded and put away. 

so here's to remembering our first south carolina home. and pretending it actually looks that way.

warning: a LOT of pictures follow this.



ps. l's bathroom did have a shower curtain. a very cute one with retro rubber duck, tubs & hot/cold handles printed all over it in the perfect turquoise. however, i washed it and didn't see the point of putting it back up to take it back down a week later.

can't wait to show pictures of the new house!

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  1. I'm sure you'll be glad to have these pictures to look at in the future. I wish I had taken some photos of our home before we staged it for selling. It looked nothing like the house we knew and loved. It was beautiful but just not us. Our agent knew what she was doing though and it sold in 3 weeks. But I wish I had pictures =(


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