October 19, 2012


today we went to a firestation! it was field trip day for our preschool co-op. lia was excited. until we got there. she wasn't as thrilled to be there then. she did perk up a bit after getting a glowstick + coloring book & being able to draw on their whiteboard! 

we are still working on her coming out of her shell and warming up to people but she is doing great so far. makes me feel really good that manny & i made the right decision. at the very least, i know i can safely leave her with a babysitter without worrying too much.

on another note...

we locked in the rates for our house last night! we got a few pieces of paperwork to sign but we are SO much closer to the end. and one month to the day until we close. it's finally starting to feel more real. which means time is crawling by!

feeling so blessed and SO ready for the month to go by.

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