October 23, 2012


you guys, raising a little girl is hard work. it takes a lot of patience, love, dedication, whit and the ability to remember that i was probably just as sassy a little girl as she is.

some days i can let go of every time she says no or refuses to do what i say or even throws a shoe at my head. at least it was a very cute shoe, right?

and some days, i get SO frustrated. it seems like no matter how i approach the situation, she wins. its tough.

 like her meltdown SO bad that i had to walk out of a store a few days ago. and today when her spaghetti face attacked my brand new (and i do mean just brought home from target hours earlier) throw pillow.

today was like that. for every good moment, we had a bad one. for every time she was good in a store, she wouldn't listen in the next. but i have no choice but to keep moving on and pray that tomorrow holds a few extra good moments than bad ones.

that's the way parenting seems to go these days. its inevitable that we're going to have some kind of tantrum or meltdown or bossy toddler moment. it is just going to happen. i need to find a better way to look towards the rest of the week other than cringing and hoping for the best.
but you guys, raising this girl is one of the most rewarding things i will ever do in my life. she may be difficult at times, but i get to go everywhere with my best friend. she is always saying something to make me laugh and her smile melts my heart.

she thrills me to no end. right after she drives me crazy.


  1. First of all, she is adorable!

    I'm so glad you posted this! I have a 5 month old baby girl, so it's nice to get a bit of insight into the future :)


    1. oh boy! girls are amazing, aren't they? i mean she is the best thing i have ever received. but she's a girl - and we are sassy, aren't we? some days are harder than others but i am so proud of her. she is going to grow up into the most amazing person!

  2. This post was so REAL...I love it! She is absolutely adorable :)

    1. thank you! i always want to feel like i'm posting something real, but at times i feel like it comes off as complaining? or being ungrateful? i don't know. i try to just tell it how it is :)

  3. Oh boy can I relate to this! Love this post and knowing I'm not alone.

    And goodness is your girl cute!!

    1. so glad I'M not the only one going through it alone :)


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