October 11, 2012


our sweet little girl started preschool yesterday! we're trying out a co-op between myself and a few other mamas here. its two hours once a week for now with a field trip of sorts with mamas & kids on fridays.

my emotions were mixed yesterday. i was SO excited for her to start something independent like this. it's a good chance for her to continue to grow and succeed. and i have to say 2 hours to myself sounded pretty good. but oh was i sad that my baby is growing so fast.

she did so good! i cried, she didn't. but i think it's always harder for the parents to let go. and when it was time for pick-up, she didn't want to leave!

it is bittersweet, but i truly believe this is a good step for us.

ps. i had hoped for better pictures. but in true 'me' fashion, we were running late. and in true 'L' fashion, she shoved half of a chocolate muffin in her mouth as we were heading out of the door. right after i brushed her teeth & washed her face. at least i got a few decent ones!

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