October 4, 2012


the time my kid ran into the bathroom with her pudding cup as i was trying to snag just a few moments alone to pee insisting that i feed her. meaning "mama, scrape every last ounce of pudding from this cup for me!". so i did. because lets be real, at that moment it was just easier to please her than undertake any kind of battle. 

pick your battles. my mantra, most days. just when the day has been full of rainbows, unicorns and glittery happiness, you get a nice dose of reality to balance it out.

sometimes all you can do is roll with it. and blog about it!

motherhood makes you talk about pee and stuff on the internet. isn't it great?

ps. motherhood is really great. but i like sharing the awkward moments too. it's all about balance.

1 comment:

  1. haha. As long as there are adorable pictures of cute little girls ... I don't mind hearing about the pee. :)


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