October 12, 2012


it's finally the weekend and it's a rare thing that my love gets to be with us for the whole she-bang.


+ early wake up call from a toddler who just wanted to watch some umi zoomi.
+ fun preschool field trip to target (!) for a scavenger hunt. with a cranky, tired toddler.
+ shopping & running errands.
+ dishes, laundry and tidying up the house.
+ special afternoon storytime at panera bread. with cookies and bear masks!
+ new glasses.
+ quick trip to the market.
+ peeking in on the gray house. countertops, floors and fireplace are in! i am swooning.
+ homemade chinese food.
+ packing for our weekend trip.
+ being over the moon excited about this trip!
+ more laundry.
+ late night bowl of milk & cereal. as it turns out, i'm not a fan of chinese food. homemade or takeout. 
it's been a day. a mostly good one. but i can't wait to catch some shut-eye and start our happy weekend! 
ps. we're heading to the state fair and ikea! see you on monday!!

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