October 8, 2012


happy monday. it's a new week and i am excited! i am determined to get the house organized & clean, sell the rest of our yardsale leftovers from the weekend and prepare more for the move.

m is off today, we'll be taking care of eye appointments and some errands. we've got some playdates this week and lia starts preschool! we're trying out a small preschool co-op with some other mamas & kids from our moms group.  i am praying it is a good thing for lia. she can grow to be a bit more independent, learn some new things and get more socialization! plus, this mama will get about 2 hours to herself each week (minus my week to host). besides naps, i rarely get alone time. i can actually plan a trip to target or accomplish errands easily. i think it will be good for all of us.

and this weekend, we are taking a trip to the state fair and ikea! it's about 8 hours round trip, so not far from home, but this is the first trip we've taken as a family not to visit family. so it's a big thing around here! we all need some special time together and hopefully we'll come back our this mini trip resfreshed and ready for the daily grind again. its wearing on us all a bit.

so because i made this a few weeks ago and i am in love with it. and because i know you all can appreciate a good DIY, i bring you this felt rosette wreath. these would make great christmas presents! or just an 'you are so awesome + i appreciate you' gift.

i LOVE making these felt rosette wreaths. i made a spring/summer one a few months ago and i knew i wanted one with mustard and gray tones so it would look great with the pumpkins that adorn our porch.

it took me about 2ish hours, start to finish.

i can't wait to hang this up at our new house!

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