October 31, 2012

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i was that mom & forgot to wash her halloween shirt for preschool this morning. and so it goes, haha.

it's the perfect day. chilly & a little windy, it actually feels like halloween. swoonworthy. i made a mad dash to finish my long errand list this morning while L was in preschool. now she's napping & i'm just hanging out listening to halloween music on pandora.

we're SO excited for trick-or-treating tonight. i got all the last minute things ready for our spooky dinner and L's costume. it blows my mind that this is her 3rd time trick-or-treating. why is time flying by so fast?! 

hope you all have a spook-tastic halloween!! 
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October 30, 2012

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this picture has nothing to do with the actual post. just a cute picture i wanted to share from yesterday!

it's 10:30 and we're just finished eating breakfast and still hanging out in our pajamas. but it's just tuesday, deliciously chilly outside and our day is empty, so we'll let today slide.

the only thing on our agenda is clean, play and maybe whip up a halloween treat. or at least put some serious thought into it. 

i am thinking creepy bones or ghostly cupcakes. and i am pretty much out of time to make sure l's costume fits. between preschool, naps, errands & whipping up a spooky-themed dinner - tomorrow will be BUSY. 

so i guess i should get on my long to-do list for today. do you have any fun plans today?
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October 29, 2012

this girl is SO excited about halloween. the past 2 years she was too small to really "get it" but this year, she gets it. i mean, it's candy and she's a toddler. lets be real. 

and despite that she is still a pretty small (and shy!) kiddo, she is going to rock halloween.

we took her to a fun trick-or-treaing event at the outlets this weekend and it was so much fun that none of us can wait for halloween night! 


she made the cutest gnome ever. but on halloween night, her real costume comes out. she's going as little red riding hood!

happy (early!) halloween!
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October 24, 2012

after running to and from doggie day camp, a trip to walmart and hosting this weeks preschool co-op today, i am tired. lucky for me, the hubs doesn't have work or school tonight so after dinner & dishes, we can just relax!

so i've been talking halloween up to lia-bug. trying to prepare her for dressing up and going out to the neighborhood for trick-or-treating. this is the first year she is going to really get it. she talks about dressing up all the time and i picked her up a new trick or treat bucket. she'll walk around the house with her "halloween bucket" and say trick or treat. and then you'll just have to put a piece of candy in her bucket. try saying no to that sweet face...

i am SO excited about her costume this year. we went the semi-homemade route again. using a dirndl my sister bought her from germany, some tights & shoes she already has and a handmade hand-me-down cape from a really good blog friend, we'll have our very own little red riding hood on our hands. i wanted to go all out and make M the wolf & me the granny, but it just isn't happening this year. 

see our past semi-homemade costumes | 1 + 2.

preschool is going really good for us. and so is doggy day camp. both of my babies need to branch out and be a little more independent from me and knowing that there are safe places i can trust when i need to really helps me out! 

l is quite the sassy, little thing these days.


spirit is basically her middle name.


life is good lately. challenging and tiring and rewarding and fun and blessed and hopeful. it's life. it's almost time to move in our new house and SO many changes will follow that. we just feel really blessed and happy.

and tired! so now i am off to make a cup of hot chocolate and rest of my comfy sofa. this mama needs just a tiny break today.

happy wednesday!
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the gray house | sinks, faucets & more!

so we've locked in our rates and signed new papers finalizing that november 19th is our closing date!

front door painted black
sinks put in kitchen & upstair bathrooms
toilets added in all 3 bathrooms
added towel bars, etc.
faucets and handles put in
logs put in the fireplace

things are moving quickly now.  just under a month before we move in. we keep dreaming up of our lives once this big change happens and we can't wait to begin!
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October 23, 2012

you guys, raising a little girl is hard work. it takes a lot of patience, love, dedication, whit and the ability to remember that i was probably just as sassy a little girl as she is.

some days i can let go of every time she says no or refuses to do what i say or even throws a shoe at my head. at least it was a very cute shoe, right?

and some days, i get SO frustrated. it seems like no matter how i approach the situation, she wins. its tough.

 like her meltdown SO bad that i had to walk out of a store a few days ago. and today when her spaghetti face attacked my brand new (and i do mean just brought home from target hours earlier) throw pillow.

today was like that. for every good moment, we had a bad one. for every time she was good in a store, she wouldn't listen in the next. but i have no choice but to keep moving on and pray that tomorrow holds a few extra good moments than bad ones.

that's the way parenting seems to go these days. its inevitable that we're going to have some kind of tantrum or meltdown or bossy toddler moment. it is just going to happen. i need to find a better way to look towards the rest of the week other than cringing and hoping for the best.
but you guys, raising this girl is one of the most rewarding things i will ever do in my life. she may be difficult at times, but i get to go everywhere with my best friend. she is always saying something to make me laugh and her smile melts my heart.

she thrills me to no end. right after she drives me crazy.
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this weekend we found ourselves in the next town over while M went into work for a bit. we grabbed lunch together and then hunted down this small locally owned pumpkin patch.

someone was pretty grumpy all day. but we tried to be patient & have fun anyways!


we came home with a big pumpkin, some homemade shortbread cookies and our fill of pumpkin patches for the year.
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October 20, 2012

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we are moving soon. and as much as this house hasn't been our favorite of all the ones we've lived in, it's still home. we've made memories here, we've seen lia grow here, we've settled into a new state here. so i went around the house and took snapshots of some of the things i am loving about our home.

i am thinking of making this a series of some sorts. what do you think?

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