September 11, 2012

we will never forget.


bad quality pictures but, these are from our last trip to new york in september/october 2011. the freedom tower is on the far right of the right picture.

11 years ago, the world changed forever.

i sat in my literature of the holocaust class as i watched planes fly into the world trade center. i was scared. i sat there wondering, did the world learn nothing from the holocaust? 

unknown to me, my future husband sat in his high school as well. only his school was a building that only had windows on one floor. it was a block or two from the world trade centers. i am not sure how it happened, someone heard or saw something, but they were all evacuated. it was a hard few days for them. he couldn't call his parents, he was evacuated out of the city. my husband told me his story years ago on a date. i remember us sitting in a mexican restaurant in the town he was stationed in. but as the years go on, some of those details fade.

i am so blessed that my husband made it out safely. what would my life be without him?

so on this day, i remember and thank all the innocent people that lost their lives. they are true heroes. the firemen and police that ran into those buildings risking their lives. the military and servicemen that volunteered to help. the men and women fighting in wars to protect us.

i remember and thank the veterans. my husband. they gave time and years out of their lives to serve our country. they all gave some and some gave all. and regardless of political views or war opinions, i think we all owe our military respect and thankfulness.

i try write about september 11th each year. new york has a big chunk of my heart. growing up, i always had a love affair with new york. after marrying manny, who was raised in the city, we moved back and lived in long island for 3 years. our weekends revolved around the city. and i miss it.

today i remember. and i pray for everyone who was affected by that tragic day.

if you ever get the chance to go to new york, go to the september 11th museum. learn about the people that gave it all that day. go see the new freedom tower. or the lights above that shine in place of the world trade centers. it's inspiring.

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