September 5, 2012



we had our pre drywall inspection this morning at the gray house. sadly, it's still green. i am itching to see the siding go up. hopefully next week! everything went well. the house is coming along and all our specific instructions were listened to. that's always a good thing. the backyard is a good size. we're throwing around the idea of putting in a pool in the future. i never thought i'd own a house, much less one with a pool in the backyard. makes me feel so excited + blessed!

i spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning out l's room. i took out a bunch of old clothes. i packed away a few things for the next babe & i'm working on selling the rest. our closet and drawers are filling up with clothes for the cooler weather.

makes me SO excited for fall. we're more settled this year than last. and even though we'll be moving half-way through fall and things are bound to get shaken up, for now i still find myself content with wanting to clean out some closets, toss some dinner in the crockpot and bake an apple pie.

simple things bring me so much joy.

now i need to figure out dinner + pick up the house. we're hosting a playdate bright and early in the morning!

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