September 15, 2012


i haven't blogged in a few days. between m's schedule and playdates and thirty-one stuff and organizing/cleaning, i just haven't had much to say.
i am loving this weekend though. m left work early last night and we got to spend some time together & watch a movie.

then today we spent the whole day shopping in savannah. L's closest is now full of the cutest fall clothes. and we picked up some yummy smelling candles. i say it should be fall already. 

m is out doing some yardwork then we're going to cook dinner, have some family time and catch the season premier of SNL tonight. but, i am still majorly sad that kristen wiig isn't on there anymore.

still, yummy smelling candles, colored corduroy pants, a shiny new pair of converse, fall TV lineup and all things pumpkin, halloween and autumn, this time of year leaves me feeling refreshed and inspired. and very, very happy.

pretty packages.
vintage purple overalls.
coloring "raining bows"
ice cream + fruit
bubble baths
finding new TV shows & watching old favorites
thirty-one love
hanging with friends
new clothes
tree houses + trips to the library
mild obsessions with any and all matroshkya dolls

hope you are having a great weekend! i'm off to enjoy the rest of ours.

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  1. hey:) new here and just have to say your blog is lovely. and your little girl is darling:)


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