September 4, 2012


september is here. this year is flying by.

september is such a great month. you get to balance between sweet summer & the crisp fall. it screams school supplies, sunny days, cozy sweaters & watching tons of meg ryan movies. when harry met sally and you've got mail are always on the top of my list.

it's still pretty warm in the south. but the love-bugs are coming back out and the thunderstorms are getting fewer and further in between. that pretty much says "fall is coming!!" down here!

we're spending this week weeding through old clothes and bringing out l's cooler-weather clothes. we also have our pre-drywall walk-through inspection in the gray house tomorrow. i've been jotting down playdates and thirty-one parties in my calendar. trying to keep our days full + fun. we're still getting adjusted to a new routine & schedule. and i am hoping to do some serious potty training/get rid of the bobo work next week. it makes me really nervous but i am praying it turns out well!

it's crazy to think in a few short months we'll be living in our new home and lia-bug will turn three!

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