September 18, 2012


in my attempt to be more of an intentional parent and to do a craft i have planned to do for over a year now, i give you mess-free flashcards!

seriously, it's easy. and i am lazy when it comes to crafting. no matter how many awesome things i pin and swear i am going to do.

i have just felt like i am going through movements of our day and not really sitting down & making sure i take the time i should to teach lia everything i should. she is really smart and learning SO much these days. it makes me wonder how much else she could know if i slowed down and was more intentional about my parenting.

so i've been thinking of schedules for us and things we can do together. i whipped up these handy little cards last night.

now when we sit down and play with these cards, we're not playing billion card pick-up. that's not really my favorite game.

so you basically punch holes in your cards. disclaimer: i had to do one card at a time. my little hole puncher wasn't so strong.

i picked up the rings at walmart. they were like $1.50 for a pack of 8 or something. put your cards on the ring and you are finished!

after i was done, i took about 10 minutes (all the patience L had left for me) and we went through all the cards and we did some numbers in english & spanish. i think i need to make a set of flashcards for the numbers.

someone really likes my idea!


because who doesn't love confetti? 



  1. that is a genius idea! i am definitely doing that. thanks for sharing!

  2. such a cool idea!! x


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