September 6, 2012


i was watching lia splash around in the tub tonight and one of those "mom moments" hit me. you know the one. where it dawns on you that suddenly "oh. i am really a mom, just doing my mom thing like its my job." where you are not scared of parenthood for a moment in the day. you are content right then, knowing exactly what you are doing.

you probably have to be a mom to get that.

but as i was watching lia, it makes me think back to the first times she could actually sit up + splash in the tub. so of course, i go through old baby photos. because i torture myself by looking in the past a lot. babies grow so fast!

 i came across these. it is crazy to me how much our lives have changed in two years.

we may not get to see them very often anymore. and we miss living in new york like crazy. so i'll treasure these moments forever.

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