September 22, 2012

a few things.

it's the first day of fall. and i know it hasn't exactly settled down here in the south yet, but i am still flying my fall-crazed freak flag. the house smells of maple pumpkin, lamps cast a soft glow and grins of jack-o-lanterns stare back at me. and i have a happy new wreath on the front door. diy to come later this week!

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a few things from lately 

i started decorating for fall (and halloween!) today. and while i was digging through the boxes, i realized how i am starting to know myself & our style more. i was surprised to see how much of the old decorations i wanted to part with. i just want every little thing in our house to reflect us, who we are. if it doesn't, i don't think we should keep it around.

with the new house coming along really fast - we are only 2 rent checks away from being home owners! - my mind has been in simplifying mode. so many times i lose my cool or feel like i am being pulled down because of clutter and disarray. i wan to leave all that behind and bring a new clean, simple mindset to the new house. out with the old, in with the new.

i am paring down our belongings and trying to get organized for the move. after a long day of picking up and posting things for sale, the house is a hot mess but somehow feels cozy and on its way to a better place.

i am loving my business right now. some days i struggle with running it and wondering where it is taking me. some days i feel like i'm not going to be succesful. but i take small steps and with some effort and prayer, i keep moving forward. and thats all i can ask for.

i am trying to be mindful of what i put into my body. too long have i been putting this off. and i have a new pair of jeans that would really thank me.

the gray house now has cabinets + crown molding on the inside and bricks on the outside!

starting a type of preschool project soon with some moms from my mom group. fingers crossed it works out well!

i am eagerly anticipating the fair, street festivals, pumpkin patches and scarf + cardigan weather!

lia is an awesome toddler. so awesome.

but the dachshund? not so awesome. he thought halloween should come early this year, got into some tootsie rolls and lets just say the carpet may not be the same again.

i am missing new york some kind of bad. i think a day full of meg ryan movies is in order.

we've been having lots of playdates and spending time at the library. it nice to feel like we live here. almost a year since our move and i am starting to feel like we belong.

what few things do you have going on lately?

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  1. I can't wait to get into our house... and out of our apartment so we can find our style more!


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