driveways and garage doors.

September 29, 2012

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you guys, i am LOVING our new house. can't it be done already so we can be living in it? the more i see it, the more excited i get. this house is where can are going to raise lia. and settle down. and bring home more babies. its going to be a big part of our story and i can not wait to get started.

sidenote: the mailboxes have the wrong numbers on them. and when i called to ask about it, the selling agent was just as confused! so our address is pending...
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September 28, 2012

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ahh, all my brain can think about is making apple cider donuts and watching 'when harry met sally' all cuddled up in my favorite spot on the couch. but it feels sooo wrong when the weather is pretty un-fallish still.


obsessing over | lots of things! owl cookie jars. decorating the house for fall. fall tv line-up. discovering the show parenthood. actual parenthood.

listening to | mumford and sons on pandora. i am loving the current channel.

excited for | a trip to the state fair and charlotte, nc in a few weeks. fried food, farm animals, fair rides, hopefully signs of fall and a trip to ikea. perfect weekend.

wishing | my internet wasn't SOOOOO slow. it is making working, blogging and pinning a very difficult task. a big reason why i haven't been around in a while.

loving | watching our first home get built. there's new changes almost every day and sometimes its the little things but we get so excited over it.

reading | harry potter and the half-blood prince. i started reading the whole series over the summer but it's taking a little longer than i thought.
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the gray house | an update.

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the house has been coming along so fast! any time we are in the area, we stop by for a peek. these photos are from the last week or two.

the siding is all on, the driveway is framed out to pour, the crown molding and baseboards are going up. the kitchen cabinets are in and the walls have been primed to paint.

lia is loving the house. she runs through all the rooms looking out the windows and she is obsessed with going up the stairs!

when we stopped by a few days later, the crown molding had gotten to another step and the brick was put on the outside of the house! we're just waiting for the front door to be painted black, the black shutters and the columns to be finished and the outside will mostly be done.
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a few things.

September 22, 2012

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it's the first day of fall. and i know it hasn't exactly settled down here in the south yet, but i am still flying my fall-crazed freak flag. the house smells of maple pumpkin, lamps cast a soft glow and grins of jack-o-lanterns stare back at me. and i have a happy new wreath on the front door. diy to come later this week!

                                                                          Source: via kristy on Pinterest

a few things from lately 

i started decorating for fall (and halloween!) today. and while i was digging through the boxes, i realized how i am starting to know myself & our style more. i was surprised to see how much of the old decorations i wanted to part with. i just want every little thing in our house to reflect us, who we are. if it doesn't, i don't think we should keep it around.

with the new house coming along really fast - we are only 2 rent checks away from being home owners! - my mind has been in simplifying mode. so many times i lose my cool or feel like i am being pulled down because of clutter and disarray. i wan to leave all that behind and bring a new clean, simple mindset to the new house. out with the old, in with the new.

i am paring down our belongings and trying to get organized for the move. after a long day of picking up and posting things for sale, the house is a hot mess but somehow feels cozy and on its way to a better place.

i am loving my business right now. some days i struggle with running it and wondering where it is taking me. some days i feel like i'm not going to be succesful. but i take small steps and with some effort and prayer, i keep moving forward. and thats all i can ask for.

i am trying to be mindful of what i put into my body. too long have i been putting this off. and i have a new pair of jeans that would really thank me.

the gray house now has cabinets + crown molding on the inside and bricks on the outside!

starting a type of preschool project soon with some moms from my mom group. fingers crossed it works out well!

i am eagerly anticipating the fair, street festivals, pumpkin patches and scarf + cardigan weather!

lia is an awesome toddler. so awesome.

but the dachshund? not so awesome. he thought halloween should come early this year, got into some tootsie rolls and lets just say the carpet may not be the same again.

i am missing new york some kind of bad. i think a day full of meg ryan movies is in order.

we've been having lots of playdates and spending time at the library. it nice to feel like we live here. almost a year since our move and i am starting to feel like we belong.

what few things do you have going on lately?

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September 18, 2012

in my attempt to be more of an intentional parent and to do a craft i have planned to do for over a year now, i give you mess-free flashcards!

seriously, it's easy. and i am lazy when it comes to crafting. no matter how many awesome things i pin and swear i am going to do.

i have just felt like i am going through movements of our day and not really sitting down & making sure i take the time i should to teach lia everything i should. she is really smart and learning SO much these days. it makes me wonder how much else she could know if i slowed down and was more intentional about my parenting.

so i've been thinking of schedules for us and things we can do together. i whipped up these handy little cards last night.

now when we sit down and play with these cards, we're not playing billion card pick-up. that's not really my favorite game.

so you basically punch holes in your cards. disclaimer: i had to do one card at a time. my little hole puncher wasn't so strong.

i picked up the rings at walmart. they were like $1.50 for a pack of 8 or something. put your cards on the ring and you are finished!

after i was done, i took about 10 minutes (all the patience L had left for me) and we went through all the cards and we did some numbers in english & spanish. i think i need to make a set of flashcards for the numbers.

someone really likes my idea!


because who doesn't love confetti? 

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feeling grateful.

September 17, 2012

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a clean house. with the scents of cinnamon sugar donut & hot buttered rum filling the rooms.

a sweet little two year old who says please & thank you. melts my heart that we are raising this girl of ours.

quality time with M this weekend. he's just been so busy, it was SO nice to hang out together and reconnect. it really did us both a world of good.

a week full of playdates and another thirty-one party.

a fridge full of fresh food. and a well-stocked pantry.
finding the perfect station on pandora.
just feeling very blessed and grateful. i don't always slow down to look around, but my life is amazing and full and i am lucky for that.
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the gray house is gray!

September 16, 2012

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our house finally has siding! seriously, my heart swoons every time i see our house. i can't wait to be living there already...

it is now a truly gray house. graphite gray, to be exact. just waiting on shutters & bricks for the outside to look complete. 

we stopped by on our way to savannah yesterday. i ran in quickly and snapped these photos.

fun fact: there aren't any sharp corners in our house! part of the builders design is to have lots of arches and rounded off edges on the wall. another swoon-worthy detail.

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September 15, 2012

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i haven't blogged in a few days. between m's schedule and playdates and thirty-one stuff and organizing/cleaning, i just haven't had much to say.
i am loving this weekend though. m left work early last night and we got to spend some time together & watch a movie.

then today we spent the whole day shopping in savannah. L's closest is now full of the cutest fall clothes. and we picked up some yummy smelling candles. i say it should be fall already. 

m is out doing some yardwork then we're going to cook dinner, have some family time and catch the season premier of SNL tonight. but, i am still majorly sad that kristen wiig isn't on there anymore.

still, yummy smelling candles, colored corduroy pants, a shiny new pair of converse, fall TV lineup and all things pumpkin, halloween and autumn, this time of year leaves me feeling refreshed and inspired. and very, very happy.

pretty packages.
vintage purple overalls.
coloring "raining bows"
ice cream + fruit
bubble baths
finding new TV shows & watching old favorites
thirty-one love
hanging with friends
new clothes
tree houses + trips to the library
mild obsessions with any and all matroshkya dolls

hope you are having a great weekend! i'm off to enjoy the rest of ours.
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we will never forget.

September 11, 2012

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bad quality pictures but, these are from our last trip to new york in september/october 2011. the freedom tower is on the far right of the right picture.

11 years ago, the world changed forever.

i sat in my literature of the holocaust class as i watched planes fly into the world trade center. i was scared. i sat there wondering, did the world learn nothing from the holocaust? 

unknown to me, my future husband sat in his high school as well. only his school was a building that only had windows on one floor. it was a block or two from the world trade centers. i am not sure how it happened, someone heard or saw something, but they were all evacuated. it was a hard few days for them. he couldn't call his parents, he was evacuated out of the city. my husband told me his story years ago on a date. i remember us sitting in a mexican restaurant in the town he was stationed in. but as the years go on, some of those details fade.

i am so blessed that my husband made it out safely. what would my life be without him?

so on this day, i remember and thank all the innocent people that lost their lives. they are true heroes. the firemen and police that ran into those buildings risking their lives. the military and servicemen that volunteered to help. the men and women fighting in wars to protect us.

i remember and thank the veterans. my husband. they gave time and years out of their lives to serve our country. they all gave some and some gave all. and regardless of political views or war opinions, i think we all owe our military respect and thankfulness.

i try write about september 11th each year. new york has a big chunk of my heart. growing up, i always had a love affair with new york. after marrying manny, who was raised in the city, we moved back and lived in long island for 3 years. our weekends revolved around the city. and i miss it.

today i remember. and i pray for everyone who was affected by that tragic day.

if you ever get the chance to go to new york, go to the september 11th museum. learn about the people that gave it all that day. go see the new freedom tower. or the lights above that shine in place of the world trade centers. it's inspiring.
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September 10, 2012

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                                                                  Source: via Cassandra on Pinterest

i've felt out of sorts lately. tired. overwhelmed. i feel like my brain has been clogged & my body is dragging. and i don't know why. 

today it's sunny. and there is a breeze in the air. the carolina blue skies are bright and full of fluffy clouds. it feels different. it feels like home.

in the past five years i've gotten married, had a miscarriage, had a baby, lived in 3 different states, moved 5 times, transitioned from a military life, to an unemployed life to a civilian life. i've gone back to work. i've left work. i started my own business. i've moved away from friends, lost friends and met new ones. we've started buying our first house. i've seen M take 2 jobs and go back to college. i've learned to do a lot of single parenting. 

that is a lot of change. there's a lot of growth and learning experiences crammed in there. and most of the time, i just let it roll off my back. i don't always do great with the changes but i don't fear them. we just take them head on and deal with them. and i think maybe that's why i have felt out of sorts lately.

we're approaching our one year mark here. and things are starting to look the way they did when we moved here. the weather is getting cooler. leaves are starting to fall. the blue skies are out more often than the rain. playdates & storytimes are starting again. these are the only things that i know about our new home state. sure, i've lived here a year. but in that year, i had to learn a whole new routine and new things. we had to get through our first fall, winter, spring and summer here. we had to deal with the weather changes and learning that most friends are out of town during the summer here. but fall? i've already lived one fall here. i know what to expect. we have routines. traditions. it feels a bit more like home and not some new place we're fumbling around in.

i know the sound of the neighborhood livening up as kids get off the school bus. i know we'll go to cahills market for our pumpkins. i know we'll go downtown for the local arts & seafood festival. i know where we'll sit during the christmas parade. and we'll get our christmas tree home the local home depot. these small things are a comfort to me. knowing what to expect. knowing what to look forward too.

of course, things are going to shake up again soon. we close on our house the end of november. there's boxes in our garage and a list of things to do. but i'll have comforts to fall back on. and the little tidbit that after this move - we're done. we can settle down in one place, finally. we can go trick-or-treating in the same neighborhood more than once or twice. we can always know where our christmas tree goes. we'll have roots. 

so today i am thankful. thankful for a cooler day. thankful for candy corn. thankful for the hello stamp i found at target. thankful for skinny jeans and corduroy skirts for the little one. thankful for fun mornings at the park. thankful for finding the sitcom parenthood and thankful the library has the first season in stock. i am thankful that my spirit is happy today.
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September 7, 2012

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another evening alone with my girl, another wild + crazy friday night.

i doled out good advice. like big girls bake cookies, they don't use bobos. we've got a serious pacifier addiction going on


i was projectile vomited on. & i caught it in my hand like a boss. that was some serious motherhood-ing.

we baked cookies. i did the dishes. a little blog design work. 


and then my partner in crime fell asleep on me before 8 PM. 

guess it's up to me to keep the party going. i'll be off doing something extremely unproductive.


we party hard around here on the weekends.
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September 6, 2012

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i was watching lia splash around in the tub tonight and one of those "mom moments" hit me. you know the one. where it dawns on you that suddenly "oh. i am really a mom, just doing my mom thing like its my job." where you are not scared of parenthood for a moment in the day. you are content right then, knowing exactly what you are doing.

you probably have to be a mom to get that.

but as i was watching lia, it makes me think back to the first times she could actually sit up + splash in the tub. so of course, i go through old baby photos. because i torture myself by looking in the past a lot. babies grow so fast!

 i came across these. it is crazy to me how much our lives have changed in two years.

we may not get to see them very often anymore. and we miss living in new york like crazy. so i'll treasure these moments forever.
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September 5, 2012

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we had our pre drywall inspection this morning at the gray house. sadly, it's still green. i am itching to see the siding go up. hopefully next week! everything went well. the house is coming along and all our specific instructions were listened to. that's always a good thing. the backyard is a good size. we're throwing around the idea of putting in a pool in the future. i never thought i'd own a house, much less one with a pool in the backyard. makes me feel so excited + blessed!

i spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning out l's room. i took out a bunch of old clothes. i packed away a few things for the next babe & i'm working on selling the rest. our closet and drawers are filling up with clothes for the cooler weather.

makes me SO excited for fall. we're more settled this year than last. and even though we'll be moving half-way through fall and things are bound to get shaken up, for now i still find myself content with wanting to clean out some closets, toss some dinner in the crockpot and bake an apple pie.

simple things bring me so much joy.

now i need to figure out dinner + pick up the house. we're hosting a playdate bright and early in the morning!
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September 4, 2012

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september is here. this year is flying by.

september is such a great month. you get to balance between sweet summer & the crisp fall. it screams school supplies, sunny days, cozy sweaters & watching tons of meg ryan movies. when harry met sally and you've got mail are always on the top of my list.

it's still pretty warm in the south. but the love-bugs are coming back out and the thunderstorms are getting fewer and further in between. that pretty much says "fall is coming!!" down here!

we're spending this week weeding through old clothes and bringing out l's cooler-weather clothes. we also have our pre-drywall walk-through inspection in the gray house tomorrow. i've been jotting down playdates and thirty-one parties in my calendar. trying to keep our days full + fun. we're still getting adjusted to a new routine & schedule. and i am hoping to do some serious potty training/get rid of the bobo work next week. it makes me really nervous but i am praying it turns out well!

it's crazy to think in a few short months we'll be living in our new home and lia-bug will turn three!
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September 3, 2012

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m's family came down from new york a few weeks ago. his older sister, her three kids and his brother stayed with us for a week and we all had so much fun! lia got to make new memories with them. we haven't seen them since last october, right before we moved to south carolina. and we got to meet his newest little niece! she was such a doll. lia LOVED playing big sister to her while she was here.

i totally forgot to write about their visit because as soon as they left we dived into a new week and were busy with playdates, cleaning the house, getting used to a new schedule & prepping for my family's visit this past weekend.

but again, i think i only got pictures from our beach trip :(


hopefully we'll be able to see them all soon!
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